2015 Christmas Newsletter

From Jenny’s Desk

Wow hasn’t this year just flown by, especially with the highlight of some entertaining rugby and a win for our AB’s. I am have been lucky enough to meet some very interesting people during the year through my courses; Personal Productivity, Presentation Skills and Recruitment & Interviewing.
Live It continues to support people around NZ with CV and interview coaching, including Laura Gillan providing a fabulous service to our Wellington clients with a focus on career coaching.

Jacqui, Laura and I wish you and your loved ones a sunny and safe Christmas and look forward to working with you in 2016.


Keynote Spearker at conSTANZ Conference

The secret to personal productivity was discovered by those who attended the conSTANZ conference in Nelson recently. As guest speaker Jenny provided tips and entertainment to ensure that those attending went away with some insights and goals around their own personal productivity. Jenny’s passion for the personal productivity course is driven by the positive feedback and encouragement she gets from attendees, who get great benefits from her techniques.

Our New Website

Have you seen our new website yet?  It’s a great new look, giving you all the information of the various services that Live It can provide.  There are also links to the courses we run, our newsletters and blogs.   So maybe during your holiday break take a look – let us know what you think!  Is there anything we can help you or your company with?


Inspired by Peter White’s letter we are making a stand and opting to communicate in person rather than via social media. Thanks for following us over our FB life. Please feel free to continue to read our newsletters and blogs on our new website.


This year Live It has donated to the Strawbridge Appeal for Moto’otua National Hospital Intensive Care Unit in Samoa, via the Give a Little foundation.  During Jenny’s college years she spent time in Samoa helping to refurbish one the local schools so it is great to still be able to help.

Christmas Gift IdeaNo

Do you know someone who struggles to say “No” when they should?

Setting limits and saying no can be very hard for some people.  When people don’t say “no” it can result in them being overloaded.  As part of Live It’s Personal Productivity course we give people the tools to help them say “No”.

For a light-hearted Christmas gift check out this “no” button that says No in 10 different ways!